Does food waste drive you crazy? Don’t feel powerless! You can take action. A Sharing Out Food Waste Star (FWS) is a volunteer who picks up leftover/ surplus/ unsold food from households and businesses to save it from going to waste. Each FWS is part of a team of volunteers who take responsibility in turns collecting the unsold food, bringing the food home, listing it on the Sharing Out app, and redistributing to their neighbours, who pick up the food (usually within a matter of hours). The food surplus and rescuer can sign up on the app and start sharing food locally because the app connects neighbours with neighbours and with local businesses, so most of the sharing happens between them without the involvement of a third party. For the remaining foodstuffs, the app volunteers (FWS) are more than ready to pick up and deliver. Here, the volunteers handle only 25-35% of the process, and the rest remain directly between the food surplus and rescuer on the app.

Everyone can rescue unsold surplus food from a local business. This can either be a business that is already partnering with Sharing Out or a new business!
Our Food Waste Stars (FWS) program is a key to making a massive difference in surplus food redistribution via Sharing Out. We need thousands of FWSs who actively rescue unsold food at the end of the day from hundreds of business locations, with more joining every single week. This unsold food will be immediately added to Sharing Out and shared within the community to ensure that no good food goes to waste.
As an FWS, we would match you with your local street households, food market, farmers’ market, shop, café, bakery, deli, greengrocer, hotel, or restaurant – who absolutely love the program! Once matched, you would collect any unsold surplus food at the end of your designated day(s) and would then use Sharing Out to share the rescued food within your local community. We’ll also put you in a Sharing Out chat group with other local FWSs so you can all work together collectively, share success stories, and cheer each other on.
If there are no partnering businesses in your neighbourhood, you can become a Food Waste Star Army Leader and start your own group with a business of your choice!
FWS’s enjoy the thrill of tangibly rescuing food that would have otherwise been thrown away, the camaraderie of joining an FWS’ Army’, and the joy of handing over delicious food to their neighbors. Trust us; it’s an amazing feeling!

How to become a Food Waste Star?

Becoming a Food Waste Star is very easy. Simply tap the button below to sign up! You will also get access to the Volunteer Hub, where you will find a link to join our private Sharing Out Volunteer Facebook Group, which is an exciting place where all our Volunteers come together to share inspiring stories, ask questions, and to connect with people in their local area.