Make the planet greener

Engage with local customer

Additional revenue flow

Whether you’re a caterer, hotel, restaurant, office, retailer or any other food business or provider you should be at the forefront of combating food waste issue because you are well-positioned to experiment and innovate rapidly, and also stand to benefit the most from the increased public visibility and social responsibility that these investments generate. It’s also important to note that promoting social responsibility programs resonates with customers and can also help them make informed decisions about their own behavior. In an era where 70 percent of millennials are willing to pay more for products that impact social issues they care about, private sector companies would do well to lead this charge. Sharing Out initiative can be a sustainable solution to your business, whereby we arrange to pick up and safely redistribute your surplus food to local communities by listing on the Sharing Out app and you can also sell your near to expiry date products at half or less price through the app.

For Bakeries

Production of a variety of bakeries and bread is great for sales and promoting your store, but is also the main cause of food waste. Unsold baked goods are almost impossible to prevent. To avoid the heartbreaking feeling of throwing away your products, share them through the Sharing Out App, and raise visibility in your neighborhood!

For Supermarkets

Do you have fruit, vegetables, and other food products that are going to waste? Are you facing challenges in addressing this problem? If so, join the Sharing Out to share surplus food while cleaning the shelves! We will prevent your surplus food from waste by collecting it from you and sharing it with the people on the Sharing Out App. Waste turns to a meal, and people become a regular visitor to your store!

For Hotels and Restaurants

Are you a hotel or a restaurant and have leftover/ surplus food after service and at the end of the day? We know that the leftover/surplus is a challenge. Join Sharing Out and share your problem as an opportunity with others. Upload what you have to Sharing Out App, and let the other people eat your problem.


Its not just food waste but the waste of water and money, damage to our land and environment, and stealing from the plates of the poor’s.

Simple and Easy to use

Don’t have enough time? No worries! Share surplus food in just a few clicks

Reduce your footprint

We help you to cut your food waste by 50-80%.

Make new customers

Increase brand visibility among Sharing Out app users and make them regular customers!

Spearhead CSR

Businesses want to implement zero food waste and disclose it in their CSR reports. Sharing Out can help you to achieve this.

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